Start, Develop, Internalize and Grow your S&OP/IBP Process; Make Better and Better Business Management Decisions with the FD7 S&OP/IBP Complete Solution

  • Define the S&OP/IBP process that is right for your company and efficiently execute it with integrity; Transition from reacting and fire-fighting to collaborative, proactive decision-making and contingency planning.
  • Proactively and economically balance aggregate supply and demand
  • Progress to Gartner IV best practices, comprehensively and efficiently integrating resource planning, financial planning, and demand planning
  • Comprehensively and efficiently define and track KPIs
  • Formulate creative and resourceful scenarios and contingency plans around opportunities and issues
  • Comprehensively evaluate options regarding opportunities and issues to arrive at optimal decisions
  • Learn from each cycle of decision-making, building on successes and correcting mistakes
  • Integrate all departments in S&OP/IBP planning -- aligning all company resources with optimal demand, providing all company assets at the right levels in the right place at the right time, maximizing profits and strategic position
  • Advance to doing S&OP/IBP strategically well; internalizing S&OP/IBP decision-making as a core and strategic competency

FD7 S&OP/IBP Partial Feature Set

  • Best practices S&OP/IBP formats
  • Aggregate Capacity Planning (Rough-Cut)
  • Key performance indicator integration and tracking
  • Financial integration
  • Event and assumption management
  • What-if analysis / event-based scenario analysis
  • Process governor for systematically managing and improving the S&OP/IBP process
  • Top-down and bottom-up production and inventory planning
  • Integration with FD7 Forecasting and Demand Planning
  • Integration with FD7 Inventory Optimization, Service Parts Planning, and DRP
  • Volume / Revenue / Cost / UOM conversions
  • Supply Chain S&OP
  • Current changes analysis
  • Performance-to-plan analysis
  • New product introductions and new product planning integration
  • Demand and business model building
  • Extensive exception flagging
  • Extensive reporting


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