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FD7 Overview

As a whole, FD7 is a best-in-class, complete enterprise solution for the forecasting and planning functions within companies in a wide range of industries running nearly any ERP IT platform. FD7's three integrated software product modules can be licensed and implemented individually or all together. Each FD7 software module can be configured and implemented for departments of widely varying size and expertise. Follow the links above for details on each module. Once set up, FD7 solutions systematically support developing expertise and improving performance over time with experience.

FD7 Enterprise Software Advantages

  • Productivity and Efficiency for Users, Analysts, S&OP Participants and Managers
  • Most Powerful Feature Set for Forecasting, Demand Planning, S&OP, and IBP
  • Outstanding Systems Integration to Enterprise Data Sources
  • Easiest and Most Efficient Implementation
  • Greatest Adaptability to Changes in IT and Business Conditions
  • Best Support (Expertise, Responsiveness, Experience, Vision, Integrity, Commitment)