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New Comprehensive, Collaborative Enterprise Software Platform

For Out-Navigating and Out-Evolving the Competition in Markets and Industries

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Keys to Understanding SmartsEngine

Two things are key to understanding this new enterprise software platform. 

  • A competitor’s ability to read and process the game can be developed into a competitive advantage, even a dominant competitive advantage, like that of a chess player with a higher or much higher rating.
  • An enterprise is a competitor, and SmartsEngine is a comprehensive platform that enables an enterprise to accomplish that development as it uses the platform.

Platform Concept

SmartsEngine is a comprehensive, collaborative software platform for planning, decision-making, and navigating an enterprise that fully incorporates active decision science.  It meets and engages an enterprise at its current planning, decision-making, and navigating processes.  It then enables an enterprise, as it uses the platform, to develop its business IQ—its collective ability to read and process the game, navigate, and evolve as a learning organization in its markets and industries—systematically, soundly, and resiliently to greater levels and competitive advantage.  

For Greater Growth, Performance, and Valuation

For an enterprise, being better than the competition at navigating and evolving into the right company in its markets for the future increases and ultimately optimizes its growth, performance, and valuation­—what all stakeholders dearly want. 

Business IQ is a Powerful Variable

The SmartsEngine platform appreciates that business IQ is a variable that can be developed and leveled up, and that greater levels of business IQ generate greater levels of growth, performance, and valuation.  SmartsEngine further appreciates that business IQ can be leveled up into a competitive advantage, even a dominant competitive advantage, like that of a chess player with a higher or much higher rating.

Decision Science is the Prime Mover and AI is an Aide

While SmartsEngine incorporates AI as well as many analytics tools, AI is an aide and not the prime mover.   Its secret sauce is the full incorporation of active decision science.  Decision science captures the gray matter and develops real, not artificial, dormant human genius across an enterprise.  It evolves processes and resiliently creates an ever-smarter composite brain of all the brains that run, navigate, and evolve a business.  Using the platform enables an enterprise to turn itself into a kind of ever-better chess player in its dynamic, competitive markets and industries, ever-better at:

  • reading the game,
  • seeing opportunities,
  • seeing challenges, risks, and threats,
  • formulating options for dealing with opportunities, challenges, risks, and threats,
  • evaluating options,
  • making winning decisions and moves,
  • comprehensively learning and evolving per decision-execution-results cycle.


Excellent Start-up Option

SmartsEngine can Quickly and Easily Start as a Consummate Platform for Integrated Business Planning

If an organization operates an S&OP/IBP process of any level of maturity, SmartsEngine can be quickly and easily be implemented as a consummate IBP platform that immediately achieves and exceeds Gartner’s Level V of IBP maturity.  A fast, huge win!

SmartsEngine houses comprehensive planning modules (forecasting, demand,
inventory, supply chain, resource, IBP, financial) and an advanced KPI module as base layer functionality, all of which it transforms within its overarching methodology for business IQ development.

As a consummate IBP platform per se, SmartsEngine maintains a complete and current picture of all IBP opportunities, issues, options, thinking, and plans–eliminating packet prep work and enabling better visibility, fewer surprises, and faster response.  It provides a comprehensive platform for process definition, standardization, adherence, training, certification, evolution, efficiency, and excellence.

If implemented for IBP, SmartsEngine develops the enterprise’s business IQ within the scope of IBP and going forward sets the stage for later full deployment across the enterprise.  

Holy Grail Endgame

Optimizing Growth, Performance, and Valuation through Developing Greater Business IQ

As SmartsEngine proves itself, it naturally grows beyond IBP to all functional areas and management levels.  In full implementation, SmartsEngine is for developing and exercising the ability to make and string together winning business decisions and moves of all sorts and thus navigate an enterprise to where business is going and growing, and away from where business is in decline, ahead of the competition.  Viewed holistically, the platform is for out-adapting and out-evolving the competition in markets as a superior learning organization.  Being better at navigating and evolving your enterprise into the right company in your markets for the future increases and ultimately optimizes growth, performance, and valuation­—what all stakeholders dearly want.  In full, it is the Center of Excellence platform of a strategic Chief Business Intelligence Officer’s function reporting to the CEO.

Navigating and Evolving as an Ever-Smarter Competitor is Within Your Reach

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