For Achieving Best Practices at Forecasting,
Inventory, Planning, and S&OP

Improve/Optimize Forecast Accuracy
Optimize Inventory and Replenishment
Make the Right S&OP Business Decisions

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  • Improve accuracy
  • Improve process integration, efficiency, and productivity
  • Efficiently handle data extraction, preparation, and analysis; develop comprehensive Forecasting and S&OP Data Warehouse
  • Accomplish customer service goals
  • Minimize inventory and operational cost
  • Optimize replenishment planning efficiency and productivity
  • Proactively balance aggregate demand and supply
  • Derive consensus decisions and improve teamwork across demand, supply, capacity, financial, and strategic management
  • Track plans, KPIs, and assumptions for on-going improvement

Summary for Recent Customer, after 18 Months of Usage.

  • Company size: approx. $1B sales.
  • Accuracy improvement: 70% average MAPE reduced to 20% average MAPE per SKU.
  • Inventory reduction: 35%.
  • Customer service improved from 60% on-time in full to 95% on-time in full
  • Forecasting and planning hierarchy: > 750,000 items (SKUs x Market Channels x DC locations).

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